Why Ohana Babies

Ohana Babies (Flower Babies) 

This name comes from Japan.

    Welcome to Ohana Babies.  My name is Yuko and I am from Japan. I am pleased to introduce our store name "Ohana Babies." I am frequently asked if this is Ohana from Hawaii? Yes, it is also a Hawaiian name but I did not mean the word Ohana from Hawaii - which means family.  
    Ohana in Japanese has the meaning "flower" in a polite expression. For me, babies are just like a flower.  They are very soft, fragile, gentle and so beautiful to this world. Ohana gives people energy, happiness, courage, and a sense of love. I believe babies are the same way. By looking at your baby on your chest, you receive the feeling of happiness and love and it is irreplaceable. I wish for moms to hold their baby as a flower on their chest and be connected, establishing an even stronger love that you never had before.

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