Our Obi-baby carrier has straps for adjustment. However, this carrier still has a limitation to the range of body sizes.

Please measure your size, referring to the below picture. 

We are currently sized for diameter measurement from neck & shoulder area to the hip (iliac crest) for measurements of 24 to 28 inches (48 to 56 inch circumference).
 Waist measurement available up to 35 inches.

( Decide the basic point)

Imaginary line from arm pit to pelvis (iliac crest). 

( How t o measure) 
 Begin at Neck and Shoulder crest
Measure diagonally to hip
 Stop at iliac crest 
 Loop back to beginning point
             When you measure, the measurement has to be tight around your body​


All prices are in USD.  © 2018 Ohana Babies, LLC. 

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