We happily present to you the Obi baby carrier. In Japan, when women wear a kimono, they wear a very similar obi around their waist.  With your baby carried the obi will secure your baby and provide a stylish wrap.  Obi baby carrier will likely be the most comfortable, compact baby carrier you ever wear.  This may very well be the last baby carrier you ever buy due to the compactness and ability to quickly wear with your baby feeling securely carried by you.  Carriers are machine washable in cold water when allowed to hang dry to prevent material from shrinking.  

Obi cross-style Grey& Checker

  • Return Policy:  We allow for a 30-day return on new and unused products for a full refund.  If you are unsatisfied with your baby carrier, you can request to return your new carrier for a full refund of the purchase price.  

  • - Obi cross-style baby carrier- Our baby carrier has been independently tested and passed all safety requirements as required according to ASTM, including requirements with California Proposition 65. It is very compacted and light-weight; The size is 5×6 when folded and the weight is only 1pound ( 470g).We recommend baby weight from 12-30lbs (5.5-13.5kg). We offer only front carry position facing you and this is NOT to be used as a back carrier. It's free shipping when using USPS Priority mail.

All prices are in USD.  © 2018 Ohana Babies, LLC. 

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