Our Safety designed 

We took our time designing safety into this carrier to make sure every part is safe to use

and comfortable for mom and baby. 

We are ASTM certified
Half twist
We designed a half twist so that fabric does not pinch baby's legs and also fits around your waist.
Safety guard behind zipper
We added a safety guard behind the zipper to prevent the zipper from pinching baby's back.
Zipper garage
We added the zipper garage for comfort and to keep from pinching or scratching baby's neck and arms.
YKK Zipper
We are specifically using YKK zipper for durability and a strong, smooth zipper function.
Safety is out first priority.
We provide the Obi that is used around your waist and baby to prevent your baby falling out. *Do not bend over at the waist when wearing baby.
We used six layers of fabric for safety, durability and comfort.
Reinforcement stiches
We focused on high stress areas and added reinforcement stitches.
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