We care about you and baby.


This is our first and foremost concern.  We want your experience with Ohana Babies to be the best and most comfortable baby wearing experience as possible - but our first priority is for you and your baby's safety.

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  •  Baby wearing with Ohana Babies' baby carriers should always be worn while keeping baby in the safest place as possible, a parent's arms and baby's arms, and positioned with the baby's face visible to the carrying adult.

  • Newborns are vulnerable and unable to maintain a rigid posture and we strongly ask you to "NOT" use  newborns in the Ohana Babies baby carrier.  Once baby has demonstrated strong and consistent head and neck support, his or her head needs to be supported. when baby is able to support his or her body and maintain a rigid posture it is then safe to wear baby using the Ohana Babies baby carrier

  • Baby carriers are meant to mimic in-arms carrying positions.  Your baby should be in the same position in which you would hold him or her in your arms.  Check your baby's position by embracing him or her after settling him into the carrier; hisor her position should not shift significantly in your embrace. 

  • Front Carry position is the only recommended inward position while using the Ohana Babies baby carrier.

  • kissable Distance:  You should always be able to kiss your baby's head while he/ she is being carried.  Your baby's bottom should never fall below your belly button when she is in the carrier.  

  • Nursing in a baby carrier is strongly discouraged. 

  • Never jog, run, jump on a trampoline, go mountain biking, or engage in any activity that shakes your baby frequently. Never use a baby carrier when riding in a car or other motorized vehicle.  If you are in a car, the baby is in a carseat. No exceptions.

  • If a certain activity is inadvisable during pregnancy, it is also inadvisable while wearing your baby.  Remember that a baby in utero has the added protection of being in your belly - a carried baby does not. 

  • If an activity requires protective gear, do not do it while wearing your baby. This rule includes, among other things, cooking, lawn mowing, boating, water or snow skiing, and bicycle riding.

  • Be seasonally appropriate, do not over or under dress your child, and always use sun protection.  

  • Don’t bend over at the waist when baby is in the baby carrier. The baby carrier is great for performing tasks such as cleaning and laundry, but move safely. Squat down instead, bending your knees. (It’s better for your back, too!)

  • for more safety information click here to Our "Owner's Guide."


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