How to wear

in 6 easy steps

 Step 1

 Step 2

               "NO MORE Stretchy!"

  • No wrapping

  • No re-adjustment (No stretchy!!)

  • No sagging (No Stretchy!! ) 

  • No sling

  • No buckling                 

 Step 3

Cross back, put arms through sides 

Pull over your head like a t-shirt 

Open the zipper

 Step 4

Lift your baby to right side of chest, slide left leg first and then right

 (Tip 1)

make sure half-twist is in the side for baby's leg rest

 Step 5

Zip front and store zipper under fabric

 (Tip 2)

Press down where   baby sits - a little above belly button

 Step 6

Tie Obi

 (Tip 3)

 Place the obi in front, wrap around, tighten when straps are in front and make bow in front

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