Can I use the Obi baby carrier with my newborn baby?

The Ohana Babies Obi baby carrier cannot be used with newborns. Your baby must be able to support their neck and remain stable without support.

Do I need to use the Obi?

Yes! Obi is provided for safety (fall hazard from side) and designed so you can carry your baby (minimum 7 lbs / 3.2 kg) without falling from baby carrier. Easy to use and support mom's back comfortably. Please refer to instructions or Video that we provide if you need to learn more how to wear.

Can I breastfeed with obi baby carrier?

No, we do not recommand you to brestfeeding.

How do I adjust the obi baby carrier

Ohana Babies Obi baby carrier adapts to your growing baby in just one step. Adjust slide straps on the sides of your waist.

How does the obi-baby carrier made

obi-baby carrier is 100% cotton fabric. It designed to be washable that can use clean environment for baby. It is also tested for fabric chemical so that baby is safe and gentle to use.

How should I position the head for my baby?

Ohana Babies Obi baby carrier cannot be used until your baby is able to support their head without assistance. Ensure the top edge of the triangle part with the zipper is at your baby’s mid-ear level for proper position. We recommand and designed only facing inward toward you to use, so you can constantly check how your baby is doing.

What is the max weight of my baby while wearing?

We recommend baby weight from 12-30lbs (5.5-13.5kg).

Which carry positions can I use?

Obi baby carrier offers only one carry position. This is in the front carry position facing you, and cannot be used in the front carry position facing out for safety reasons. This is NOT to be used as a back carrier. Please refer to the specific requirements for use and instructions for the front carry position.

Is obi baby carrier machine washable?

Yes, the Ohana Babies Obi baby carrier is machine washable. Make sure the zipper is zipped all the way up and secured in the zipper garage. Use mild detergent free of bleach, perfumes, dyes, chlorine, or optical brighteners.

What is the difference between wrap and obi baby carrier

Although the look might be similar, the the function is very different than wrap or sling. You do not need to wrap yourself to put baby in. Our product is just pull over your head instead of tightening around with long fabric and do not need to re-wrap after a while. Also our fabric is 100% cotton, so it does not sag after baby begins gaining weight.

Can I use my carrier if I am pregnant?

This is very much an individual preference and we recommend you consult your health care practitioner for guidance.

Can I use obi baby carrier on the airplane?

While the baby carrier is an indispensable item for ease of travel, especially in airports, FAA regulations ban the use of baby carriers during take off and landing. We recommend only use of an FAA-approved car seat on the airplane.

My carrier is defective. What do I do?

We have confidence that we provide the best quality control for all carriers. However, if you find a defect, please do not use your carrier and promptly return. We will gladly refund within 30 days or replace the carrier.

How many years will obi baby carrier last?

Within reason and environmental conditions considered, Ohana Babies Obi baby carrier should last up to two years with daily use, if properly cared for.
Obi baby carrier is made of 100% cotton and it is washable. After two years you may see degradation in the baby carrier fabric - if this occurs, please discard and do not continue use.

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